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100 things that make me happy | part two

I thought it was about time I published my part two as the first one went down so well.

26. A good hair day
27. The cold side of the pillow
28. Eating really healthy
29. Birds tweeting in the morning
30. Vintage cars
31. When your eyeliner turns out perfect first time
32. Waking up with no new spots
33. Fresh flowers
34. Feeling like you're about to burst after Christmas dinner
35. The way the ends of my hair after it's been cut
36.  Receiving a smile from a stranger
37. Long country walks with the dog
38. Doing a really go workout and feeling great for getting through it
39. Cute cupcakes
40. A tidy bedroom
41. Smoothies
42. The sun shining through my curtains
43. Discovering new places
44. Surprises
45. Watermelon
46. Finding a good bargain
47. A really cold drink on a hot day
48. The last day of school for the holidays
49. Free Wifi
50. Seeing an old couple holding hands

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What makes your happy?