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Happy & Healthy: August / Life Tonics

Life Tonics Review

Life Tonics Review 

Okay...how can I say this. This month my more plant-based diet has kind of gone out of the window. This month I have kind of gone back to my old habits although the only good thing is that I haven't eaten as much junk food. I'm not really sure what to say as this month hasn't been that exciting. However every week I have been wanting to stuff my face with cakes and bread because the Bake Off is back on and they make so amazing pieces - that lion bread.

Again this has been a bit of a fail this month. I have done some but know where near as much as I would like to do, at least it's a start. When I have been working out my favourite has been a Tea Bo workout my favourite is this one from YouTube. It's tough but I find myself enjoying it and pushing myself to get through the whole video. Toward the end of this month, I did a couple of yoga videos, I feel like it could help me relax more in the future. I love Yoga with Adrian especially her videos for beginners.

The Next 30 Days
I'm back to school :( so I think the biggest challenge of next month is to have a routine as I've not got to put school and homework into the picture. I'm going to try my hardest to make a routine and try my very hardest to stick to it. If anyone knows how to juggle blogging, school, homework, social life and fitness any tips would be greatly appreciated.

My Favourite
I've been loving Life Tonics this month. Life Tonics is a brand of drink that helps hydrate with coconut water from 'natural fruit extracts, vitamins and minerals'. There is an isotonic formulation in these drinks so they help absorb more water when working out. Life Tonics is a great drink and perfect to swap to if you love a sports drink after working out as they have high levels of potassium and minerals. They are also perfect if you are out running as they release energy slowly to help improve your stamina. They currently have 3 flavours available: Coconut & Mint, Elderberry & Juniper and Dalandan Orange. My favourite is the coconut & mint, I was quite surprised that I liked this one because I'm not a massive fan of coconut but I find it very refreshing. Each bottle only contains 90 calories! You can buy them for £1.49 at W H Smiths or Waitrose. 

How has your August been, what's your favourite thing you've done this month? 

*This post contains gifted items from Life Tonics, all opinions are my own.

The Classic Red Lip

Recently I've been taking a step out of my comfort zone and have been choosing to wear a bright, matte, red lip over my nude, pink lip. I've been wanting a lipstick like this for a while, I was unsure whether to get this one or Russian Red. I am so glad that I chose this one because I love it so much.
I always feel that if you have the most simple outfit or makeup it can really complete it. Anyone else feels like with the perfect red lip you can conquer the world and is ready for anyone?

Ruby Woo is extremely matte. I do like it being matt but when it's matt it has its downsides. If you apply it to dry lips it's extremely difficult to get it when you want it to go due to it being matt and stiff. So a tip for when using this lipstick is to use an exfoliator before (love the one from Lush) to help get rid of the dry flaky skin on your lips. I then like to apply a lip balm, I always use this one from The Body Shop. I let the moisture sink into my lips and then I will apply the lipstick, so you get a smoother application. Make sure you don't apply straight onto of the lip balm otherwise the colour won't be shown to its full potential. There are a couple of more reasons why I love this lipstick and one is because it will last on the lips for hours and you hardly need to reapply throughout the day - that's the benefit of it being so matte. Another reason why I really like it that it makes your teeth look whiter and because it suits a lot of skin colours. I hate it when you get a lipstick and it doesn't suit everyone.  The only thing I'm wanting is a lip liner although you don't need a lip liner I would just quite like one to get the perfect shape lip. Does anyone have any recommendations?

What's your favourite colour lipstick?

The Perfect Pamper Night

We all have them stressful days at work or school when we get back home and all we want to do it just relax and forget about everything that has happened. I love a really good pamper night as it's an easy way to just forget everything and have some 'me' time. I feel like I could be doing this routine a lot more as I'm going back to school in only a week and a bit *sad face*.

To start off remove all your makeup and get out of them horrible work/school clothes. Now it's time to relax. Run a lovely, warm bath and pop in your favourite bath bomb (for me it's got to be one of Lush's bath bombs, they have a great range to help you relax). Watch it fizz away, then step in and lie there for a bit relaxing. Maybe try listening to some music, catching up on youtube videos or grab a drink - I always like a cold glass of water). You could also put on your favourite face mask, to help deep cleanse your skin. I love the ones from Lush my favourite is cupcake, sadly you can't eat this cupcake. Now you've been in there for a while it's time to get out and move on to the next steps of your pamper night. Oh but first make sure you remove your face mask.

Now that's complete put on your favourite pyjamas or dressing gown. Grab your favourite snacks; chocolate, popcorn - anything to make you happy. Who cares if it's unhealthy! Turn on the TV to watch your favourite chick flick or catch up on the latest TV episode - mine in Made In Chelsea LA - I don't care. Turn the lights down and light a couple of candles to make sure you're fully relaxed. Let's look at them nails. We can't forget about them in this pamper routine. Grab your favourite nail polish and give them a fresh new look, loving Sugar Apple from Barry M.

If you're not already, it's time to get into your favourite pyjamas and complete your evening skincare routine before we get into bed and have an early night, sleep is the best way to relax and forget everything. Then when we wake up the next morning we will be ready to conquer the world (maybe just the following week at school)!

What's your essential for when you have a pamper night?

The Ugly Shoe?

Birkenstocks. I feel like they are a bit like marmite, you either love or hate them. I wanted to write this post after recently buying a new pair and realising how they are a shoe that has been around for years and manages to make a comeback every summer but yet some people really dislike them and think they are very ugly.

They have been around for many years (1774 in fact - wow I didn't know they had been around for that long). I actually remember having a brown pair when I was younger and always wearing them. I got back into wearing them again after pinning so many images on Pinterest and realising they can actually look really nice if they are worn right. I feel like they are a shoe that can go with anything and can just complete an outfit. I own three pairs and there isn't an outfit that they don't go with. They are one of them shoes where once you get the first couple of uses out the way, they then become the most comfortable pair of shoes ever and you'll end up walking miles but feeling like you are walking in the clouds.

I have picked out a couple of pairs of Birkenstocks. Look how many styles there are; metallic colours, two front straps, a back strap and even a toe cover.

The question is, do you love or hate them? 

A Bright Lush Haul

I was super excited when I heard that my local Lush is now stocking the products that use to be only available in the Oxford Street store. I managed to pick up a couple of new products - beware they are very bright and colourful. 

Pink Flamingo £4.95 
Look, it's a flamingo! There was no way I was walking past this in the shop. When I smelt it up it reminded me of their Christmas range as I think it smells very much like snow fairy. I really like it when bubble bars are on a stick because they are easier to keep and it's better when holding it under the tap. After looking at the ingredients, I feel like it is going to make my skin super soft and moisturised due to some of the ingredients. 

This is one of those really big bath bombs where I feel I might use it in a couple of baths because it's so big. I really love the design of this bath bomb with the geometric shape and the colours (underneath is white and orange, with a little purple around the edge btw). I can't wait to use this bath bomb after seeing all the amazing colours it produces once in the water. I find the scent to be unusual, I find that it's sweet but also spicy. 

I have the tea tree toner water but I've recently run out and I was recommended by the women in the store to get these tabs instead of another bottle. With these, they are super relaxing as you pop them into some boiling water then put your face over the steam then allow the essential oils to enter your pores. With the rest of the water pour it into the pot then use the water again. It's also perfect if you have oily or spotty skin. 

Love the name for this bubble bar. Again one of the reasons I picked this up was because of the bright colours that have been used. The scent of this one is spicy with a hint of citrus. I find that it is always nice to have some savoury bath bombs (does that phrase fit?) because sometimes sweet scents can be too overpowering and sickly. 

Have you tried anything from their new range? 

Book Haul

How to be Vegan by Elizabeth Castoria 
This was the first book I bought when I was researching veganism. When you get to read into it there is so much great information, that I never heard of before. It extremely helpful if you are in the transition of a meat eater to a more vegan lifestyle. I do have the admit the recipes inside aren't really my taste of recipes and it's quite American as nearly all of the recommended restaurants are in the USA.

The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force
Believe it or not, this is actually the first book I have bought that has been written by a YouTuber. I mentioned late last year that I really wanted to read this book this year, and it looks like I have now. There are actually some great pieces in this book, I especially love the section on blogging and fitness. However, I do think that some of the articles are for younger teenagers who are just getting into beauty, fashion etc.

Keep it Vegan by Áine Carlin
This was a rather cheap book considering how good it is, another reason I bought this book. I love so many recipes in this book due to the simplicity of them, I have actually cooked a few and they were very tasty. I will defiantly be continuing to use this book in the future. A highly recommend this book to everyone, even if you aren't a vegan, it's great to add more fruit and veg into your diet. 

Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward
I've been wanting this book for ages now, after always hearing so many brilliant reviews everywhere. I've flicked through and there are some amazing dishes, but I have to admit that I haven't actually cooked any yet (I don't really know why). One day I really want to try the sweet potato brownies. I will defiantly be buying her new book which is released early next year. 

Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw
Recommended by Millie Mackintosh. There are loads of great recipes that I've tabbed, however, this book isn't really vegan (as she uses meat, eggs, dairy etc). Another great feature in this book is the '6-week program to get the glow'. Recently she has brought out a smoothie range. I was super excited when Madeline said she was releasing this book due to loving her YouTube channel and blog. In all the pictures, Madeline looks great and so does the food. 

What books have you been loving?

100 things that make me happy | Part three

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It's been quite a while since I uploaded the second part of this series, so I give you all the third part of '100 things that make me happy'. Enjoy.

51. Putting pajamas on after a long day
52. Painting your nails without smudging them
53. Wrapping up with layers in the winter
54. Baking some sweet treats
55. Free shipping
56.  Waking up on Christmas morning
57. Handmade gifts
58. The sound of footsteps through crunching leaves
59. Finishing a really good book
60.  Cheesecake
61. A good nights sleep 
62. Home Cooked meals
63. The weekend
64. Clean makeup brushes
65. The smell of shampoo once your hairs dried
66. Sunset on the beach
67. Ice cream in the summer
68. Waking up with snow falling
69. An organized desk
70. The feeling of freshly shaved legs on your bed sheets
71. Waking up and feeling like it's going to be a good day
72. Long road trips
73. When my favourite song comes on the radio
74. Knowing all the lyrics to a song
75. The smell of candles that have just been blown out

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What makes your happy?