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Where's My Lipstick Makeover

You may have noticed that WML has had a bit of a makeover. I was so excited and pleased with the end result, I just have to tell you all about it! I have been wanting a new design for quite a while now after getting bored with my old one. Over the past month or so, I've been working with a lovely lady, called Charita (from PinkPot) to bring to you, this perfect blog design. We sent loads of emails back and forth to get it just perfect. I have to say Charita was very patient with me, especially because I want everything to be perfect. You've all got to agree that she has done such a great job. I feel like my new design represents me more and is so fresh and but simple.

For me design is such a big part of a blog, I feel like a good layout can attract many more new readers. On my new design I really like my new logo, I feel like it just looks a hundred times better than the old one. She has also added a 'read more' option, so now you don't have to scroll through whole posts that you don't want to read. The related posts at the end of each post now look so much better and the popular posts are at the top of the homepage. My blog should now be user-friendly and especially on tablets and phones. If you are looking for a new blog design I definitely recommend PinkPot Designs Etsy store, she has some lovely pre-made templates on there too. I can not thank Charita enough - I'm so pleased with it!

I really hope you like the new design!

Victoria Sponge Cake | Spring Collab with EmilyRose

Victoria sponge cake recipe

After chatting with Twitter, Emily from www.emlaff.blogspot.co.uk/ and I decided to team up together and bring you a collab, we are both very excited as it's our first. We came up with the subject
of spring baking, Emily has decided to make some Scones. Where on the other hand I've gone for a classic victoria sponge with a filling of raspberries and cream - in my opinion, the raspberries make it healthier!

The recipe is below,  in case any of you want to have a go! Also, make sure you go and check out her blog, as it's lovely and leave her some nice comments! 

4 eggs
225g Caster Sugar
225g Self-raising flour
2tsp Baking powder
225g Soft margarine 
Your choice of filling (Double cream and Raspberries) 

1. Preheat the oven to 180ºc/Gas mark 4 and grease 2 sandwich tins. I can also be a good idea to line them with baking paper, so they have less chance of sticking. 
2. In a large mixing bowl add the eggs. Then mix the sugar, flour, margarine and baking powder. 
3. Make sure everything is well mixed, with either a wooden spoon or electric whisk. 
4. Split the mixture and put into the tins. 
5. Place the cakes into the oven and cook for 25mins (try not to open the door until the end). 
6. Once golden take them out then place on a cooling tray, and leave until cold.
7. With one cake, fill the top with whatever you like. Some good fillings include Jam and whipped cream, strawberries and cream. I filled it with raspberries and whipped the double cream and dusted with icing sugar. 

** Please excuse the very flat top, it's because I left it in the oven for slightly too long, so had to put it on upside down!

Make sure you go and check out Emily's Scones!

How To Make A GIF

how to make a GIF , Making a GIF

A Graphics Interchange Format - pronounced JIF.
A form of images that move as an animation, because the frames are compressed to reduce transfer time. 

You can make a gif on Photoshop, but I thought it's better to show you an alternative way as not everyone has access to Photoshop.

I make mine on a website called GIFMAKER.ME I love this website because it's so quick, easy and editable(plus, you're left with no watermark of the website).

one // Make sure all of the pictures you want to include are edited and the correct size you want.
two // Upload the pictures to gifmaker.me
three // Adjust the control panel to your preferences
four // Once it's complete click "Create GIF Animation" and then "Download this GIF"

I look forward to seeing the GIFs you make!