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Twitter Chat Times for Bloggers

#Bloggersdoitbetter is now #bdib
#healthyselves // Monday 8-9pm 
#everyblogger // Saturday 7-8pm

Recently I have been on Twitter a lot, but mostly on chats. Since joining chats I have found so many lovely blogs and bloggers. I never realized how many bloggers there were since joining these chats, they are a great way to make new friends and find new blogs.

How does it work? When you write your tweet use the Hashtag of the chat, there will be a host who will ask questions (or sometimes it's an open chat). Then just reply with your answer, opinions or questions to other bloggers. At first, it might be a bit overwhelming especially with the big chat's like #bbloggers but it's definitely worth joining them.

I have created a PDF of all the times with the Times, Hashtags and Day. This way you will never miss a chat again!

You can download a copy from HERE

Have I missed any good chats?
What's your favorite chat?

Free Workouts

I know not everyone can afford to go to a gym or is too young to have a membership. I thought I would show you my top free fitness channels. I have created a playlist HERE where you can see all of
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Ways To Reuse Glass Jars

I always get loads of glass jars left over and I never know what to do with them. So I thought some ideas to reuse my stash of glass jars. I knew they would come in handy one day! Here are just 10
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Short Hair Inspiration

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To cut or not to cut?!
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Origins Super Spot Remover Review

Origins Super Spot Remover
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My Music Playlist #01

I thought I would put together a small playlist of songs I have been loving recently. 

Miley Cyrus - When I look at you
Recently I have been loving listening to old Miley Cyrus songs, I love this one and also a few others.

Jake Bugg - Messed up Kids 
Jake Bugg is one of my favorite artists, I love this song from his new album 'Shangri La'. I really want to go and see him live. 

Frozen - Love is an open door
Who doesn't love frozen? I have to admit this has overtaken 'Let it go'. Once you listen to this you will be singing it all day. You have been warned! 

George Ezre - Cassy O'
George is a new artist, another artist who I want to see live. This song will cheer you up if you're feeling down. He has a few other great songs you should check out 'Budapest' and 'Did you hear the rain?'.

What music have you been loving lately?

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Review

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in GNP 21 Sugar Apple, GNP 20 Rose Hip and GNP 6 Prickly Pear

I have to admit I have a slight addiction to nail polish, so I thought I would do a quick review on the Barry M Gelly Nail Polish. I also have two other Barry M gelly nail polishes (Grapefruit and Blackberry) that I loved so I wanted to pick some pastel colours up to add to my collection.  I picked these up because they are great shades for spring and summer. Sugar apple is a gorgeous pastel green, I also picked up Prickly Pear which is a pastel purple. Finally Rose Hip a lovely pale pink, this is my favourite out of the 3. 

The first thing I noticed were how shiny they are, and there was no top coat was needed. Although you do need 2 or 3 coats with the lighter shades but you can get away with one coat with the darker shades. They dry quicker than the normal Barry M nail polishes which is great if smudge them straight after painting them - Like I do! There was no sign of chipping after a few days too.

These are great drugstore nail polishes so I will definitely be getting some more shades. They are so good for just £3.99!  

What's your favourite spring/summer nail polish?