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12 Days of Fitness

I'm totally stuffed from the amount of food I ate yesterday (who knew I could eat that much), I need to workout to burn my Christmas lunch off and continue to get fitter for the new year.
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Winter Wardrobe Staples

Winter Staples

I love winter and especially the fashion! I love to layer up pieces and be so warm and cozy. I have picked out eight pieces that I've been loving this season.
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4 books to read in 2015


1// Paper Towns by John Green 
The film is coming out next year starring Cara Delevingne **excited face** I really want to read the book before I see it. I know what a great author John Green is after reading TFIOS. 
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Christmas Decorations

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LUSH Christmas Haul

Cinders // £2.50 
Dashing Santa // £2.95 
Christmas Penguin // £3.25 
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Christmas Gift Guide for Her

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an alternative to chocolate advent calendars

One door opened, 23 to go! I always remember opening the door and having a chocolate for breakfast, if you find that excitement has worn off then you haven't discovered these alternatives for
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