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Glossier Review

I'm sure you've seen so many Glossier blog posts since everyone in the blogging world seems to be talking about them - it has died down slightly now but I'm still totally obsessed with them. The reason this blog post is much later than most peoples is because I wanted to wait and actually and give you my honest opinion.

I'm sure like many of you I first heard of Glossier when they were exclusive to America a few months ago and everyone that went over there would bring something back and make everyone suck in England slightly jealous. However when they announced they were shipping to the UK that's when I became interested in Glossier, it wasn't actually until a week or two weeks after the launch I became like 'I need to make an order now!' I watched and read all the blog posts and youtube videos to find out which products were most suited to me. At this stage being inspired by Glossier, I was planning on getting a minimal makeup bag and just use products I love every day, rather than a whole set of drawers with too many products to last a lifetime. If your interested in me doing a blog post on stripping down my beauty products as a beauty blogger, just let me know.

The first product I knew I wanted to get as I saw so many people rave about this product was the Boy Brow and let me tell you I'm totally obsessed with it. I decided to go for Blond rather than Brown just as I was worried that it would be too dark and harsh, I found that it perfect for my eyebrows. The first time I used it I was kind of disappointed as I made the first mistake and applied so much which left them feeling thick, stiff and kind of horrible. However, I'm in love with it now as I've learned to use small light strokes to get the fullest, natural brows. Also if your looking to switch to cruelty-free this is a great alternative to Benefit Gimme Brow.

The next product I decided to pick up was Balm Dot Com as everyone I noticed everyone was loving it and everyone said it's an essential to everyone's makeup bag, handbag as it's so versatile. I picked up the coconut one as it had no scent and everyone said how they loved the scent of this one the most. I like to use this as a lip balm the most, you can also use it for extra dewiness on your eyelids or cheeks or as a cuticle cream. I would say it's not for when you have dry lips as it doesn't provide that much-needed moisture but I find it works best for normal lips when you need added moisture, and like everyone else, I'm obsessed with the smell.

After scrolling through the website for hours decided what to buy I was wanting to try a face product, I was intrigued by the foundation but I wasn't sure on the shade and it doesn't provide much coverage so I made the decision to look elsewhere for a foundation. Instead, I decided to go for the Stretch Concealer, I know Anna (The Anna Edit) loves this product. I don't like to order these types of products over the internet as I find it so hard to match my skin colour. I went for the lightest shade which matches my skin, I find it's slightly orange tinted but I find when I blend it in it's alright and does suit my skin. Due to this product being so light and buildable it's been able to cover my scars, spots undereye and anything else, recently I've had quite dry skin and it's been one of the only products that don't cake or go flaky as it's so dewy. This has meant that I have had so many days where I'll simply just use this product. When I run out of my first pot I will one hundred percent pick up a new one.

I was intrigued by the Haloscope as everyone who I saw wearing this had the dewiest, highlighted skin. I went for Topaz which is the golden one this is meant to give you a healthy, sun-kissed glow. I have to admit this is probably my least favourite product from everything I order due to two things first I find it's not the most flattering with my skin tone, it looks to golden and secondly it's quite difficult to apply, as I find it's too hard to apply straight on to the cheekbones so instead you have to use your fingers on the stick. However despite this I still use it and will continue to use it, I feel the colour might be better in the summer with tanned skin (if I don't burn) and I do plan to try Quartz, which is more of a pink toned highlighter and I feel may suit me better. 

Finally, I picked up two lipsticks, Generation G, fist in Zip which is bright red and secondly in Leo which is a brown nude shade, I've had lots of people ask what shade Leo is when I wear it. Both of these are matte which I love without being too matte that make your lips look dry, they still look super hydrated. I think the reason why I love them so much is because they are so buildable, I can see this with Zip the most, you can go from a lightly tinted red lip to a classic bold red lip. I'm wanting to pick up a few more of these I like the look of Cake, a peachy nude and Like a powdery pink. I also find them to be reasonably priced at £14.

I think most of their products are reasonably priced, I think some products are slightly too expensive for what they are. As well as makeup, which was the only things I picked up, they have a range of skincare, I think the only product I would really try is their jelly cleanser but I'm happy with my current skincare products so I decided not to pick up any. There is also a body range which includes a wash and cream, and finally, they have a newly released perfume which is amazing after receiving the sample with my order.

As you may be able to tell from above I'm obsessed with Glossier and I'm sure I will continue to be, the packaging, the website, the sticker sheet and just that fact the whole brand is millennial pink. Oh, and how can I not mention those iconic pink bags all the products come in, I'm obsessed with them and I'm sure I'll build a big collection. If you would like to take advantage of 10% off your order then I have a link here to share with you. I have already added a couple of products to my Christmas Wishlist including their new perfumer You which I fell in love with when I got the sample in my order, you need to sniff this perfume as it's amazing. I think I will be making many more purchases and I look forward to the new released - I heard there are some to come in 2018.

What's your favourite Glossier product?

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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