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Faith in Nature

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Ever since I decided to go cruelty-free as my new year's resolution in 2016, one of my favourite things is discovering new brands, I've found so many in the past year as a vast majority of brands in high street stores such as boots do a test on animals. So when Faith in Nature contacted me asking if I wanted to try some of their products I was looking forward to trying some of their products as it's a brand I've heard of before but never tried out any of their products before. They sent me a selection of products that they love for me to try out, so I'm going to share my first impressions of them.

First of all is their Coconut Shampoo and Coconut Conditioner, I think I was most excited about trying these as I since going cruelty-free I haven't actually tried many shampoos they are either Superdrug's own brand or the LUSH shampoo bar. These are £5.50 each they are slightly more expensive than I would usually pay, but I think there are cheaper considering some on the market. I've actually been so impressed with the shampoo and conditioner, I love the smell of coconut for hair products, so that's a bonus - it leaves my hair smelling so lovely. My hair is left so soft, shiny and clean (I know this sounds weird, but some shampoos can leave your scalp feeling wired and still dirty). Another thing I noticed was my hair wasn't left tangled free - I don't know if it's the shampoo or conditioner, but together they work so well. I think I will defiantly purchase these when I run out and maybe even try some of their other scents.

Another shower product I got the chance to try was their Pomegranate & Rooibos shower gel & foam bath I haven't used this as a bath foam yet I've only used it as a shower gel, so I'm not too sure how well it works because I don't really have baths that often. However, I've been loving using it as a shower gel. I don't think I've ever tried anything pomegranate scent before, but I really like it as it's a sweet smell but not a sickly sweet smell more of a fresh, fruity sweet scent (sorry I'm not very good at describing scents). It's great as you only need a small amount as it lathers really well and leaves your skin looking and feeling really nice and moisturized after using it. It doesn't really leave a scent on your skin after drying yourself, but I'm okay with that. I've really loved this, and again I would love to try out some of their other scents.

Next, we have the Lavender hand cream I have so many hand creams open it's just one of those products that you get in gifts sets, use it a couple of times and then switch to a new one. Who else is guilty of doing this? I really like how this one is in a pump bottle, this makes it a lot easier to use all the product, however one mistake I made when I first used it was using a whole pump which is way too much, so I ended up moisturising up to my elbows with all the leftover product - a little goes a long way with this product. I like to use this at night firstly because it's made with lavender oil, so you then feel very calm when it's applied. In the morning, I'm left with soft hands, I don't suffer from dry or cracked hands, but it's just nice to keep them moisturized throughout the day.

Finally a skincare product and it's their Purifying cleansing lotion, which is used to remove makeup, impurities, and dead skin cells. I apply it with wet hands onto my skin rub it in to lift my makeup and then remove with a hot muslin cloth as I find this is the best way to remove all the makeup, they do also suggest using a cotton pad or just wash your face. You can kind of tell with the simple packaging it's just a pure product that works well. It doesn't have a scent it's just neutral which I like, and it then means that it doesn't irritate your skin. After I've washed it off my skin is left feeling hydrated and refreshed. The only negative I've found if you don't use a cotton pad or muslin cloth, then it can be quite challenging to remove eye makeup. I really like this product, and at £6.25 I think I will definitely repurchase it when I run out.

Overall, I've been really impressed with all the products I've tried, I think I'm most likely to repurchase the shampoo and conditioner and maybe even try out more of their products. As well as skin, hair, and body care they do also sell a cruelty-free and vegan home, pet and baby products which is great as these tend to be harder to find.
If you liked this brand-focused post let me know and I'll try to discover some new brands to test out and share with you.

*This post contains gifted items from Faith in Nature  but, all opinions are my own

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