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Image 1: StoolRecord PlayerBedding
Image 2: ShelfHanging Plant
Image 5: BedBedding, Pillows (Primark), StoolRecord PlayerBedside TableSalt LampWire Basket, Frames (IKEA), Eye Roll PrintClockPalm Leaf Print

Image 6: WeaveCurtains 
Image 7: DeskDrawsMirrorRugShelfHanging PlantCurtainsSmall Glass BoxLarge Glass BoxSmall Mirror

This post has been a long time coming! A couple of months ago I made a post of bedroom inspiration as I've wanted to redo my bedroom for so long now, and only now have I actually had the time to do it.
I use to have pink walls and floral but I decided to go for more of a minimalist style, I painted the walls white and added in some new furniture. The only thing I didn't picture is my wardrobe as I still have the old one and it's just so big and takes a whole wall. I've also loved adding plants into my room, we just have to see how long they will last, fingers crossed I won't kill them. I now love my room and I want to stay in it forever also my bed is so comfy as I got a new mattress which means I now never want to get out of it in the mornings.

Stella McCartney Bag - First Designer Purchase

I'm so excited to share with you a bag which I've fallen in love with and it's the Stella McCartney Falabella crossbody bag in this gorgeous pink colour. This is my first designer bag purchase, which I'm also pretty excited about. For such a long time now I've been wanting to save for a designer bag as I think they are such a good investment. This isn't something I just bought, I've been researching to make sure I was happy with it and was perfect for me and years to come, I've been saving for a long time and working all summer. I love the smaller bags recently, a lot of people have the Gucci Soho Disco bag which I love, this was the size that I wanted to purchase. When I found this bag and the Anya Hindmarch Smiley Bag I wasn't quite sure which one I wanted to buy, I finally made the decision to buy a Stella McCartney bag but I was actually going to buy it in red, until I found this pink one, I'm so happy I went for the pink one in the end.

One of the reasons why I went for a Stella McCartney bag is due to the material that's used on the bag. In the designer market, Stella differentiates her brand as they are a vegetarian brand so there is not use of leather, skins, fur or feathers in any products. This was one of the reasons I love the bag because it's not leather so it's harm free but also that due to it being veggie leather it makes it different to a large majority of bags available on the market. With all Stella McCartney bags, they're lined with polyester that comes from recycled plastic water bottles which I think is pretty cool. If you want to read more on veggie leather click here.

As I mentioned before I decided to go for this blush pink colour over a red one. I love this colour as I find it goes with so much in my wardrobe and can be worn all year. It looks great in the winter as it breaks up an all black outfit and it's so pretty in the summer months. I have never had a bag this colour before, but I'm so happy I didn't stick to just a black or tan colour bag. It's also versatile as it's easy to wear in the day if your nipping into town as it's not heavy and can fit enough in but also it's perfect for a night out, as I think the chain makes it look more night time appropriate. I like to wear it crossbody mostly if not I wear it on one shoulder. If you'd like would you like me to do a what's in my bag?

Here are some other bags that I am loving at the moment

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