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Pre-Spring Wishlist

Everywhere has all their S/S collection available, and there are so many pieces I'm wanting, we're not quite in spring yet so I made a pre-spring wish list to share with you some of my favourites pieces in stores - summer please hurry up! You may have noticed a lot of floral print and flowy pieces, brands are also having some pretty amazing designer dupes available and are kind of killing it with all their clothes at the moment.

New Jewellery Discoveries

I've recently discovered two new jewellery brands that I need to share with you. I love both of these brands as they are ethical and sustainable brands - which I love and their pieces have become my everyday jewellery staples. I want to share them both with you as they are both doing some pretty amazing things. 

The first brand I need to share is Edge of Ember. Edge of Ember is a London based ethical jewellery brand who are pretty great as in November they created a line that raised awareness and money for Camfed - a charity aiming to tackle poverty, inequality and giving girls the support to have an education in sub-Saharan Africa - 62 girls got the chance to go to school for one year and have all the support they need to go with it: fees, uniform, stationary but also looking after their health and wellbeing. All of this seemed so amazing which made me buy some products from their collection. All their pieces are handcrafted ethically in Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia, by artisan groups including women run businesses, the fair trade organisation and home based worker so no sweat shops or child labour are used, instead they are supporting the local talent - I love how all the pieces have elements of the local culture included. As all the pieces are produced by local artisans in developing countries, made ethically with love, it means that they are not massed produced and a fair price is paid to the makers. Recycled materials are chosen and no animal products are used. 

I brought 2 rings, both in the same style - one in gold and the other in silver as I loved them so much. The only problem with them is that I'm kind of in-between sizes. I bought 2 different sizes, they only fit on one finger but, that's okay. 

The second brand I want to tell you about is YCL Jewels. I found this brand from some vegan YouTubers who always wore their pieces - since then one of them has collaborated to make a collection. I love how all their pieces are sophisticated, minimalistic, as I'm a big lover of simple, dainty pieces of jewellery. YCL is an ethical, cruelty free, vegan Australian brand, 70% of pieces are made in Australia and the other 30% are ethically produced in India. I love how they believe in that animals shouldn't suffer, that is why in their pieces and packaging there are no animal bi-products. There is minimal packaging and paper with each other as they aim to keep a low carbon footprint. I love how their mission is "to create jewellery that is not just worn for aesthetic purpose, but rather to create jewellery that holds meaning to the beholder." 

I decided to choose their Infinite Chocker in gold, I went for this one as I love the simplicity and daintiness of it. It's in gold so I don't need to worry about it turning green if I get it wet, so I never take mine off. I love that you can wear it as a choker - which I do or wear it slightly longer, I also love the fact that on the end of the extender there is a tiny purple crystal as every piece is embraced with crystals. The only thing with this necklace is that it will take a couple of weeks to get to you - it takes 4-5 weeks for them to make it as every piece is handmade once ordered and then due to it being shipped it takes around 1-2 extra weeks. I was willing to wait though as I know that they are all individually handmade ethically. There are so many pieces I want, next on my list is the Constellation Disk necklace and I'm also a big fan of their rings. Another thing was inside the box there was a pink stone - I’m not too sure of the name, though.

My Skincare Routine

This is a very overdue post, I've been meaning to post for months now. I can't quite believe that the last time and only time I posted my skincare routine was back in 2014. It's changed a lot since then, I have now switched to all cruelty-free products and use more natural products which I think has really helped to improve my skin. I have acne prone skin which is really and finally beginning to clear up, I have a few scars that are from the acne, my skin is can be oily on my t-zone and have some dry patches during the winter.

To begin my skincare routine in the evening I will remove my makeup and cleanse my skin with Lush  Dark Angles, to begin with, I wasn't sure about it but I've got the hang of it now and it really do wonders for my skin, it's left so soft afterwards, it also exfoliates my skin without being rough. I will then use my facial wash from Neals Yard if I haven't been wearing any makeup I will skip the first step and start with this product. I have actually had a full review on this here. With my facial wash, I use my Foreo Luna Mini. I love this product as it gives me a deeper clean to remove dead skin cells and makeup while unclogging pores. Due to it being made of silicone it makes it more hygienic than other facial brushes such as the Clarisonic and is fully waterproof so you can take it in the bath or shower and not have to worry about getting it wet. Fully charged I find it can last me a couple of months, and it just charges by USB.

I will then use the Tea Tree Toner from Lush, I know I've mentioned this before but this is my all time favourite lush product, it really helps with my skin type. The next step is I apply my Pai Rosehip Oil, this helps to reduce the acne scarring and even out my skin tone. I will then apply my spot treatments both from Mario Badescu, the drying lotion on whiteheads and the buffing lotion on the red or under the skin spots. It reduces the spots after one application and is gone in a couple of days. I think I'm going to have to repurchase the previous 3 products soon as I seem to be coming to the end of all three of them. I also included Mario Badescu in my 2016 favourites along with the next two products I use to finish off my skincare routine. I then use the moisturiser from Neals Yard to help moisturise my skin. I do have a full review on this here. To finish I apply my Hurraw lip balm to keep my lips smooth this has been amazing throughout the winter, I've had no dry lips.

Some other products I use every now and then include Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm, it's so versatile as you can use it for so many things, I either like to use it for add moisture or an exfoliator. I will also use a face mask every couple of days my favourites include Lush Mask of Magnaminty, any of their Fresh Face Masks or Mario Badescu Whitening Mask.

What's you favourite skincare product?