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Happy & Healthy: July

Happy & Healthy July 2015
[I found these on Pinterest and thought how true they were]

The start of something new 

I've decided that each month I'm going to publish a type of post like this where I talk about the past month but everything to do with health and fitness. I've been on a bit of a health kick recently so hopefully by writing one of these each month it will help keep me motivated and it's a great way to share my thoughts and feelings.

The Biggest Challenge
This month I've had a bit of a challenge because it is the fist month and I still want that whole chocolate cake that is sitting on the side. This month as well I made the transition to having a more vegan lifestyle, currently, I would say I'm 80% vegan. Later if you're interested I might do a post dedicated to me changing to a vegan style diet. At home to stop myself piling the crisps and busiest into my mouth is to; one, have the fridge full of healthy fruit you are able to snack on, two, hide all the rubbish foods or remove them from your kitchen. Overall I feel pretty proud with my diet this month.

The Favourite
This month I've brought a couple of new books and all food related, that sums me up really. 3 that I've been especially loving is Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward, Get the Glow by Madeline Shaw and Keep it Vegan by Áine Carlin. All of these books have some amazing recipes that are so simple and the ingredients are easy and cheap to get to, I don't need to travel to the other side of the world just for a type of nut. 

The Motivator
I have been loving Jess Wreford's YouTube channel lately, especially her weekly updates on her health and fitness journey. I feel like I'm going through the exact same feelings as her, I just love the way she is so honest and shares her real emotions of how she is feeling when going through the journey to becoming more healthier and happier. 

The Next 30 Days
I'm going to try to and include more movement (fitness) into my everyday routine because I feel like I kind of go the nutrition side sorted. Let's be realistic, I'm not going to set myself a target to go to the gym every day or run 10miles. I'm going to start small, whether it's walking the dog or do a workout video on YouTube. All I'm going to say is as long as I move for more than 30 minutes each day. 

10 ways to use washi tape


I've recently become obsessed with Washi Tape. You name it and I would have wrapped some pretty washi tape around it. The washi tape that is featured here is from Ikea and Prairie Charms. I think it is such a lovely way to improve the appearance of something; another benefit is that it doesn't cost much.

Here are 10 easy things to do with washi tape:
01 Decorate your phone lead
It will never go missing again...actually it might because it so pretty

02 Colour code your diary
Write over washi tape, with each colour having a different category, never again will you forget that doctors appointment. 

03 Decorate tea lights
Wrap around the tea light to make them look even more pretty once lit. 

04 Up-cycle your phone case
Apply to a phone case for your own unique phone case, that everyone will be jealous of. 

05 Make pretty pencils
Wrap around a plain, boring pencil. 

06 Wrap presents
Replace the ribbon on the present with better-looking washi tape

07 Frame pictures
No need to buy a frame, simply make one with washi tape around the edge of the picture.

08 Label pots
Organise everything by labelling up. 

09 Jam up your jam jars
Wrap around jam jars to make them look nothing like jam jars, perfect to hold flowers/makeup brushes.

10 New nail polish
Like nail wraps just use the wash tape to stick over your nails. 

What is your favourite thing to do with washi tape?

Dry Shampoo Reviews

Dry shampoo review Batiste eden COLAB paris Herbal Essence

My hair: I have quite thin, flat hair that gets greasy very quickly, my hair will be greasy a day after washing it. I will wash my hair every other day, so I tend to use dry shampoo on a regular base.  

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Eden // £3.29 
I've been using Batiste dry shampoo for as long as I can remember and I would say it is the most popular dry shampoo brands. However, I have a love-hate relationship with them. Some of their products are so good and others are diabolical, it's like they have good and bad batches; I always seem to buy from the bad batch. This time I picked up 'Eden' it is a new one that they've just released.  I really like the scent of this one it is a very sweet, pretty fragrance, you most probably expected that from the bottle design. I find that the scent is long-lasting and make your hair smell amazing all day, without a touch-up. The consistency is what I expect from a dry shampoo, it's not too heavy or too light, compared to the others, I would class it as the most normal. However, I find the biggest problem with Batiste is the white residue it leaves on the hair, especially with me having brown hair it looks like I'm going grey very early or I have bad dandruff. Not what I want. Normally you can rub it out but I find they're white reside extremely hard to hide. 
★★★☆☆ 3/5 

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo in Citrus // £2.99
Herbal Essence is relatively new to the dry shampoo market. To be honest, they have brought a pretty good product to the market. This is the cheapest out of all of them at just under £3. I picked up the citrus scent, the scent isn't very strong and you only have a slight smell of the scent when it's in your hair. I love this dry shampoo because not only does it hide your greasy hair it will also add volume to your hair. Compared to the others the formula is rather thick and heavy; you defiantly know that you have dry shampoo in your hair, I don't quite agree with the '1st-day clean feel' because it leaves your hair so thick and voluminous. I don't really mind though because you don't need to spray as much compared to the others, I find a small spray can go a long way. Sometimes I get white residue but it's very easy to rub out.
★★★★☆ 4/5

COLAB Dry Shampoo in Paris // £3.49
The creator of COLAB is a fellow YouTuber and Blogger (most of you will know already), Ruth Crilly. Ruth has done an excellent job creating these, the bottle contains everything you could ever want in a dry shampoo. Firstly I have to say they have the best design out of all of them. I picked up 'Paris', which is a floral fragrance consisting of rose and jasmine. COLAB seems to have the strongest smell once sprayed on the hair - which isn't a bad thing.  I want to use it as a perfume! Out of all the time I've been using COLAB, I have never experienced any grey hair moments - which is great. However, I feel that the only negative of COLAB dry shampoo is that you have to use a lot of it to cover the greasy patches because the formula is so light, so you tend to get through a bottle quite quick. The other side to that is that your hair isn't weighed down and you don't feel that you have any product in your hair. 
★★★★★ 5/5 

What's your favourite dry shampoo to use?