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Products I'm Wanting To Try In 2016

Products and brands I want to try in 2016

I want to make 2016 the year I try new brands but by higher quality products that might be better quality instead of a load of rubbishy products from off the high street. I made a list of some of the items I'm wanting to try during this year. I know to this are brands and products that a lot of people have tried already but when it comes to buying beauty I like to go to a store and trial out the product, I find that most of these brands aren't available in stores close to me, so I've never got the chance to go and see them in person.

NARS: Two products that I'm quite interested in trying is their Sheer Glow Foundation. I always hear such good reviews of this product by other bloggers, and because my skin has gone quite dry recently I feel it could be a better match to my skin than my current foundation. I also hear good reviews on is their Lip Pencil, I also heard it's one of Taylor Swift's favourites - it must be good.

Charlotte Tilbury: I feel like this brand blew up in the blogger world in 2015 and only hearing raving reviews about all their products. They have the prettiest packaging too. There are quite a few products that I wouldn't mind trying out but the top of my list has got to be a lipstick, preferably in a matte red.

Pai Rosehip Oil: This is yet another product I heard such good reviews about last year. After clearing my skin from acne, recently I've noticed that it's become a dryer and I've been left with a lot of scarring. Hopefully, this will help to clear up my acne scarring.

Neals Yard Beauty Balm: This is another product aimed at my acne scarring due to containing rose. I got in contact with Neals Yard and asked them what the best product was for getting rid of acne and they actually recommended this. I also love how versatile the Beauty Balm is as it acts as a cleanser, exfoliator, mask and more. I love the packaging on this too!

Urban Decay Naked Concealer: I'm yet to find the perfect concealer, so let's hope this one could be it. I always hear such good thing about this one and its foundation. I expect it could be good as it seems to be anything from the Naked range is pretty good.

Hourglass Blush: Yet another raved about the brand by bloggers, I felt like over the Christmas period everyone was talking about it. I feel like I need to just get my paws on it and see what all the fuss it about.

The Balm: I feel like I need to add another nude eyeshadow pallet to my collection. I'm also wanting to try a couple other products from their line to like their blush and highlighters.

What products are you wanting to try this year?

Love Lula Beauty Box January 2016

Love Lula Beauty Box Subscription January 2016

This is my first ever subscription box, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it. I actually asked for this as a Christmas present, I received the 3-month subscription which for me and as a gift is perfect.

I chose to go for LoveLula's Beauty Box as this year I fell in love with their online store and wanted everything so when I noticed that they do a subscription box, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to trial out some of their brands also, I'm on the lookout for new cruelty free brands. LoveLula is an online beauty store, they stand for a number of manifestos such as no animal testing, minimal waste, no harmful chemicals. It's become my new favourite online beauty store, you can often find me browsing on there.

In this months box, I received three new brands but 7 new products to test out. It came in a cardboard box with shredded paper inside along with the products and a card which give me a couple of sentences about each of the products I received. Also, on the card is a code where I can receive 20% off any of the brands featured in this month's box - I really like this idea.

This month I received Madara's tinting fluid, it's a lighter version of a foundation but while you are wearing it, it helps to hydrate and illuminate the skin. Even though it's very light it gives a really good coverage. Secondly, I received Rossi's face cream, I'm yet to trial this out but it's meant to be a rich face cream to use anytime to help hydrate the skin. The final brand I received was Ontario, from this brand I got a Revive & Shine shampoo and conditioner, Hydrate & Shine shampoo and conditioner and a Restore & Shine hair masque. I feel these would be perfect for traveling. I'm unsure whether to save them or trail them out.

Overall I've been very pleased with my first ever beauty subscription box. I look forward to seeing what's in the next 2 boxes.

Have you been subscribed to a Beauty Box before?

15 Favourites From 2015

2015 favourites

001. Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet
I picked this up last January when they had some discount codes on offer, at the time I was unsure which Naked Pallet to get but the woman was super helpful and advised me to get the naked 3 pallets based on my eye and sky colour.

002. Lush Tea Tree Spray & Tea Tree Tablets
I have been using this toner for ages now but this year I found out that you can buy the tablets - which only cost £1 put them into hot water and steam your face. Because it's made out of tea tree it helps with my acne and combination skin tone.

003. Casy Nistat's YouTube Channel 
This year Casey began to daily vlog. Luckily enough I found his channel on 26th March 2015, the very first day he started to vlog, ever since then I have watched every vlog he's uploaded - I've never missed one. They are too good to miss, it's become one of the first things I do after getting back from school. If you're not already watching him I highly suggest you do, the vlogs are different to any other. I think I need to stop now- Just go and watch his daily vlogs (oh and all of his other films)!

004. Personal Planner 2015 Diary
I'm always a diary/planner kinda girl. This year I seem to of found my perfect planner. It's from Personal Planner, I think I love it so much because it's totally customizable from the design on the front to what's included inside.

005. Johnson's Baby Oil
Okay. This sounds like a weird one, but let me promise you it's not. I first got the idea from Niomi Smarts Mum, she mentioned it in a video and ever since I've been hooked. I use it as a daily moisturiser - once I get out of the shower I will apply it and then dab my skin dry with a towel. It's changed my skin so much it's left feeling so moisturised and soft, like a baby's bottom.

006. Amy Rose's Blog
I love Amy's blog so much, I think it's down to how simple it is. All of her images are stunning, make sure you go and check out her Instagram as well. Go a check it out!

007. Media Marmalade Blog 
I've been a reader of Melissa's for a few years now but I have to say this year she has upped her blogging game, every post seems to be outstanding. I'm a lover of all her outfit posts and the tips she shares. How could I not mention her photography, it's to die for!

008. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick
I think some of you probably predicted this was going to be mentioned in here as I do seem to blab on about it quite often so much that I actually did a full blog post here. I would suggest reading that instead if you are interested in the perfect classic red lipstick - I heard that Taylor Swift uses it!

009. Maggs Makeup bag
I was lucky enough to receive another Maggs makeup bag this year probably because I raved so much about my previous one I had from last year. I did a full review on the makeup bag here. I am yet to find a makeup bag like it, it's the perfect size for me as it can fit nicely in my bag but then it's big enough to fit makeup brushes inside (which a lot aren't big enough for).

010. Canon 40mm lens
Last year I mentioned how much I loved my 50mm lens in my 2014 favourites, but I'm sad to say we had a little bit of an accident and broke luckily the camera survived. I need to buy a new lens, I did love my 50mm but I thought it was time for a change - oh I'm glad it did. The 40mm lens is perfect (to put it in simple form) I get a good blurred background and I don't have to stand a mile away to get the perfect shot. Overall a great lens, I highly recommend it to anyone.

011. Superdrug Vitamine E Hot Cloth Cleanser
I picked this up from Superdrug after always hearing such good reviews about it as it's a good dupe for the Liz Earl hot cloth cleanser. I find it really nice to use one my skin once or twice a week for a deep cleanse, it leaves my face feeling so clean and soft. As it's cruelty fee I think I will continue to use it in the new year, along with trying out more of their range.

012. Leon Bridges
I first discovered Leon Bridges after hearing 'coming home', and then becoming obsessed with his song and then he bought out his album in June and there are so many good songs on there. Leon has something different with his style that is just different to most songs.

013. Ciaté Nail Polishes
This is a brand I have discovered only this year, I got into them after always seeing how good their advent calendars looked so in 2014 I picked up their advent calendar, so this is the first year I'm trying them out, and I'm pleased to say that I love them, I also had one for this December too. I'm yet to buy any in full-size but I'm planning to buy one; 'Pillow Flight' I've fallen in love with it, the perfect lilac, nude - defiantly my go to nail polish of 2015.

014. Soap & Glory Solar Powder
This is in their new packaging of a plastic compact rather than the cardboard one, which is so much better as my previous one smashed and ripped. This bronzer is a half and half with a lighter and darker brown, it's extremely pigmented but isn't a muddy brown/orange, it applies really lightly and is buildable, this is great because I have very pale skin. I'm sure I will continue to use this next year but also try out more of their makeup products.

015. The Body Shop Vitamine E Moisture Serum
Another Vitamin E product but this one is a serum. I've never really seen a product change my skin so much before I started to use this. It's hard to describe but for me, it's made my skin look more like skin, I would say it's helped to hydrate and smooth my skin.

What's your favourite product from 2015?

Hello 2016

Happy New Year! I can't believe that we're officially in 2016! 2015 has been a great year, personally, it's had its ups and downs, but overall it's been a year to remember. I can't believe how quickly it went by, it seems only the other day I was writing this for 2015. Let's hope 2016 can only be even better!

one. Switch to cruelty-free beauty products
This is something I've been thinking about and researching for a couple of months now. I can't really remember how I got the idea, but it's something I'm very willing to take forward into the new year. I'm not planning on binning all my non-cruelty makeup and then buying a whole new collection - it's something I'm going to gradually build into my existing collection of makeup. I would love to know if any of you are interested in knowing more about this, I plan to write more posts about it during the year. 

two. continue to enjoy blogging 
I'm definitely going to try my hardest to keep blogging during 2016 as I know this year hasn't been the best and I've not really stuck to a schedule, however, when I been blogging I've enjoyed it and that's something I want to keep doing. I know it might seem like a small number to some but I would love to post at least one post every week.

three. Do more Yoga 
For Christmas I received '365 days of yoga' so it's a perfect way to get into yoga, I've been wanting to get into yoga for ages so this helps me. However were in a leap year so I need 366 days of yoga! I'll let you know this time next year if I stuck to it or not. I've also signed up to Yoga with Adriene's Yoga Camp I'm only on day 2 but I'll let you know how I get on. 

four. Use my time wisely 
I know already that 2016 is going to be an extremely fun, difficult and stressful year. So I'm wanting to make the most of every minute and try not to procrastinate - I'm the worst procrastinator. No more spending all day watching YouTube or scrolling through Pinterest for hours instead of doing actual work. 

five. Learn a new skill 
I've been thinking about this for quite a while now as I really feel like I need a new thing to love as well as the blogging because I don't really have that many hobbies. I'm not really sure what it will be yet, but I've been thinking about coding, learning the ukulele, or starting my own little business *secret!*. 

I wish you all wonderful 2016!

What's your New Years resolution?