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1st September

Hello September Goals and Life Update

1st of September, 3 quarters of the way through 2017, can you believe how fast the year is going? I love the beginning of September which is why I'm going to dedicate a whole blog post to it while also giving you a life update and sharing some goals I've set.

September has got to be my favourite month of the year and this year somehow it feels even more special, I think that more to do with my current mind set and what plans I have for the future. First of all, I love September because it's my birthday month and this year I can't quite believe I turn eighteen! I'm actually going to Edinburgh for a couple of days so if you have any recommendations of places I need to visit, please share them as I've never been before and I'm quite excited. There will probably be a blog post sharing some of the pictures I take as I know it's a stunning and photogenic city.

To me the 1st of September means a chance for a new beginning, I feel like it's more of a fresh start than January for some reason, I think it might mostly be due to it being a new academic year. In a couple of days time, I'm entering my final year in education ahah. I know how hard year 13 is going to be as I hear so many people say it's such a leap from year 12. So I'm aware of how much extra work I need to do but, I still feel like it will be a lot more than I'm thinking. I know I don't post loads on here but I'm just going to warn you probably around April to June it might be even quieter on here as I will want to put all my time and energy into my exams to achieve the best result I can. And then I get my well-deserved break over summer and then the daunting results day. Currently, at schools, it all about UCAS applications and I'm one of those people who have no idea what I want to do and it's kind of freaking me out a bit. One plan I have is to take a gap year and work and go travelling for at least 6 months. So yeah that kindred ended up being an update with my school life.

As I mentioned previously September is a fresh leaf for me and so I love to then create goals I want to achieve and one thing I really want/need to do is to create a routine for myself so I can hopefully balance everything in my life; school, blog, work, fitness and friends and family. My main goal is to try to balance everything, it might be challenging at time but I'm going to try my best.

As I mentioned in my previous post I wanted to add more movement in to my days and over the last week or so I've really been working out a lot more and eating a lot healthy, I'm not too sure how long it's going to last, hopefully, I can keep it up when I get back into my school routine.

I've recently bought myself an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, which I have fallen in love with, I'm loving the procreate app so watch out for my attempt of lettering on photos. Something I'm really wanting to do is create some YouTube videos but I feel like it may be something I have to wait and do it in the summer when I have more time and don't have to worry about exams, as I know how much time I will want to put into it, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that.

I also love September as it's time to enjoy the final days of summer and the beginning of autumn which means cosy night in - which I love. Who else agrees with me that autumn has the best fashion pieces which we can look forward too.

So that's everything that's happening in my life right now, let me know what exciting plans you've got coming up this month.

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