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I have been a wearer of glasses for the past couple of years and every time, the optician announces I can get a new pair of glasses from my prescription changing, I always look forward to picking a new pair of glasses. I usually go for simple brown or black square frames, there is always so much choice so I never know which suits me best. When picking a new pair I will usually try so many different styles and colours, then usually go back to the first pair I tried. 

I always see so many amazing glasses online but I've always been kind of sceptical as I never know if they'd suit me or I'm worried about getting the prescription wrong. I'm a big fan of bigger frames due to my slightly large head I have this struggle with sunglasses of when I order them online they are always a lot smaller when I receive them, so I always have this worry when ordering glasses online. I found that GlassesShop.com were super helpful as they had all the measurements of each pair so it made it super helpful to cmpare it to my other glasses. 

I decided to choose then Glenview Round in Silver, these glasses are very different to the usual styles as I've only ever had full frame plastic frames but I think that's why I love them so much. I really like them as they are super light on my face, I sometimes forget I have them on and I find they don't slide down my nose, a probelm I've had with previous frames. Also won't they make a great blog prop as they are so pretty? 

GlassesShop.com also have prescription sunglasses available as well as their eyeglasses, which I'm really tempted to get a pair of as I always have the struggle when it comes to summer as I don't wear contact lenses so it's between seeing properly or protecting my eyes form the sun - I have to say usually seeing properly wins. They have lot's to choose from and are a lot cheaper than many other places but are still great quality. 

GlassesShop.com have given me the opportunity to give you a discount code of GSHOT50 for a chance to get 50% off a pair of glasses or sunglasses on their website, which would be perfect if your looking for some new sunnies for summer, so be sure to take advantage of it. 

*This post contains gifted items from GlassesShop.com but, all opinions are my own

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